Electronic patterns

Pasting cars with anti-gravity films takes place in several stages:

• selection of a place for pasting, coordination of the cost and scope of work;
• cutting of polyurethane or other film on the plotter;
• preparation of the machine for pasting (washing, cleaning, drying);
• pasting with film, leveling and smoothing it;
• a waiting period during which it is better not to use or wash the car.
The owner of the car needs to find a suitable place where they can cut and paste the anti-gravity film according to electronic patterns corresponding to the dimensions of the car and his personal wishes (someone prefers to paste not the whole car, but only the body and interior inside). Whereas a detaling company needs to buy car interior templates, electronic patterns for its exterior, and most importantly, pick up software for cutting the interior of the car and its exterior. Good software provides:
• detailed database of brands and brands of cars;
• a clear search system for the necessary brand or brand;
• electronic patterns for all presented cars that output files in a format compatible with the plotter (for example, ppf for the interior of the car). 
A lot depends on the accuracy of the employee conducting the pasting. But pasting will not take place if there are no suitable electronic patterns for it. Having the interior templates in ppf, as well as the necessary details of the exterior, you can carefully cut the film on the plotter and apply it for pasting. Then it's a matter of technique and depends on the skills of the gluer; the presence of accurate electronic patterns usually guarantees the best result.

Autopatterns program for pasting

The Autopatterns program from KBM-Ko is a convenient software option in which access to the program, a template database and reduced schemes for pasting are free, but you can download templates for the interior of a car or its exterior to perform work only on a paid basis. After that, the template is sent to the plotter, and the employee of the detaling company proceeds to pasting the car with an anti-gravity film. To use the Autopatterns program, registration is required; you can buy the desired template on the Autopatterns.art website. Here you will find a database of brands and models from A to Z, including both the newest and outdated cars. If you have any questions about templates or payment, we recommend asking them by phone, WhatsApp or Telegram. We will try to facilitate your choice, solve problems with payment and give recommendations on pasting (for example, about doorways). If you are interested in protecting your car from dirt, pebbles or want the interior to maintain a decent look for many years, we invite you to Autopatterns.art!
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