Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for website

How do I get patterns from you?

In what format do I get the file?

Do I have to pay fees every time I want to use the file?

What program do you recommend to use with your files?

Do you offer sample so we can try your patterns?

I bought a pattern from you but would like to return or exchange it!

Do you have a discount system I want to buy more than one pattern?

I have an old cutting plotter, can your files work with my cutting machine?

I cannot find pattern I need on your website, what should I do?

FAQ for software

What does your software include?

I have register on the website do I need to register in your software?

What is the difference between your website and software?

Does your software is free to use?

I fill out the registration form for your software but did not receive the information with LOGIN and PASSWORD on my email!

Does your software contain car interiors?

What is the price for cutting in your software?

Do you have unlimited plan for cutting in your software?

What if my plotter is not in the list of plotters for your cutting software?

My plotter does not cut through your plotter cutting software! What should I do?

I cannot LOGIN in software! What should I do?

When I LOGIN in software I get a message “LICENSE”!

Does your software is BETA version? What does it mean?

How can I pay inside your software?

How I can edit patterns in your plotter cutting software?

Can I change the password you gave after registration in your software?

How can I try your software? Do you have trial version?

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