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Acura MDX (2022) A-spec Car Body Buy (3)
Acura MDX (2022) Type S Car Body Buy (3)
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Acura NSX (2018) Car Body Buy (4)
Acura NSX (2022) Type S Car Body Buy (4)
Acura RDX (2022) A-Spec Car Body Buy (3)
Acura TLX (2021) A-Spec Car Body Buy (4)
AITO M7 (2024) Car Body Buy (2)
AITO M9 (2024) EVR/EV Car Body Buy (4)
Alfa Romeo Giulia (2024) GTA Car Body Buy (2)

Please note that different components of the body and interior may differ according to actual configuration even for the same vehicle model. Most models have different bumper variations and screen sizes. We strongly checking that your vehicle's configuration matches the templates before purchasing them.
The purchased product is not a subject to exchange or refund.


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Electronic Patterns for Anti-Gravel Film Cutting on a Plotter

The AutoPatterns Company offers bodywork film patterns for all car models. The finished digital product can be delivered as a file compatible with any plotter model. We ensure high template precision and an extensive vehicle body and interior template database. We offer an ideal price to quality ratio. We can provide professional consultancy on any issues. Select the desired template set right now or contact our customer service personnel.
Advantages of AutoPatterns Templates: 
Polyurethane films are absolutely invisible, but provide high durability for any structural components. This hi-tech product is also quite expensive. An electronic template for bodywork wrapping not only ensures a high cutting precision (even with a 2mm overcast for coating stability), but also provides an optimum template cutting layout to minimize costs.


Out catalogue contains:


  1. A wide selection of vehicle templates. The bumper is the most vulnerable part in automotive design, therefore it is the first part everyone tries to protect. Taking into account the high demand for this service wrappers always try to have a ful set of templates in their stock.
  2. Bodywork templates – a full body wrapping may cost a car owner up to $3,000 but it is worth the cost – no gravel, careless parking or tree branches will pose a threat.
  3. Interior templates – protection of structural components from scratches and wear will significantly improve the aesthetics and operating comfort.

The catalogue is structured accordong to vehicle model and design variations in order to facilitate finding the right template for a bumper or fender. According to film manufacturers the films can be applied without prior cutting, i.e. cutting them to size in the process of wrapping. However, experience shows that precision cutting allows saving a lot of material and ensures maximum protection. Therefore, if you are a professional in vehicle maintenance, it would make sense to buy a plotter and ourchase a set of template for cutting.
AutoPatterns templates are a guarantee of high quality and fast service. You can buy ant set and it will be delivered on shortest notice. We guarantee correspondence of the templates to the vehicle model specified by You. 

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