Why is a patterns car wrapping better than wrapping a whole piece of film?

Why is a patterns car wrapping better than wrapping a whole piece of film?
To ensure that the car does not lose its good appearance, it is necessary to cover the body with a special paint protection film. It will help to avoid the formation of scratches, chips and small cracks on the paint.  In one case, before wrapping the body, it is necessary to measure its parts and create their templates, in the second, ready-made high-quality patterns are used for work in electronic form or transferred to film.
The technology of fixing the protective coating in both cases is almost the same. Before starting work, the car body is thoroughly washed, degreased and dried. Next, a soap solution is applied to the car parts, which allows the film to be laid evenly. The dry method is used less often, since in this case the protective coating is immediately glued to the body and it will not be possible to change its position.
If no patterns were used, there is a risk of mismatch between the size of the film pieces and the body parts. In this case, all the work must be performed again. If patterns are used, they correspond exactly to the size of the body parts. When purchasing patterns, a set is available for a specific car model. This allows you to further save on work, because there will be no film waste. You can purchase kits for the entire body, as well as for certain parts of it. Even people who do not have experience and special skills in working with anti-gravity coatings can glue a car using patterns.
It should also be remembered that the paint protective film can change its structure and even break when overstretched. In particular, this often happens when pasting large parts, such as the hood. You will avoid this problem by using car templates. The patterns also make it much easier to apply coating to complex parts, such as bumpers, headlights, doors, and fenders of a vehicle. Thus, using the lekala, you can significantly save time and money.
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