The main criteria for the selection of patterns

The main criteria for the selection of patterns
When ordering a template for interior protection, first of all you should pay attention to the complete set of the vehicle. So, in the interior of a prestigious version of a particular car model, there may be much less plastic elements that require pasting than in a car of the "Standard" category.
Another factor that should be considered when choosing patterns for PPF "Stek" or other materials is the age of the vehicle. So, two cars of the same model that came off the Assembly line in different years may well have different dimensions and body geometry, not to mention the interior design.
When choosing a pattern for the film, you need to pay attention to the body type. So, sets for sedans and hatchbacks of the same model always differ in the number and shape of protective elements for the rear of the vehicle body.
When buying patterns to protect the interior of a foreign car, it is important to know for which country/region the car was released. So, in the interior of cars adapted to road traffic in England and Japan, the steering wheel is on the right. Patterns for a number of dashboard elements of such cars may not be suitable for left-hand drive cars due to the mirror arrangement of parts. Such situations are typical not only for the interior, but also for the body. In particular, cars of the same model adapted for different countries may have different bumpers.
Owners of cars that have previously undergone body restyling, when ordering patterns for the protective film, need to pay attention to the design of the installed bumpers and other updated elements, since the appearance of the car and the interior of the interior in this case may be subject to serious changes. This information will help you make the necessary adjustments to the original digital layout and create a fully compatible pattern.
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