KVM Design

KVM Design
KVM Design is a new direction of the company "KVM & Co", created in order to bring the quantity and quality of production of patterns for anti-gravity films to a new level. We want to bring together all the designers around the world who are already engaged in the production of patterns, to train newcomers who want to do this business. Create a single database of existing patterns and create a single database of orders for the production of patterns around the world. Make patterns for both new cars and cars of previous generations.

Now our team physically does not have time to process all the orders and produce patterns for all the required cars. In addition, the Russian car market is limited, and we do not have access to many European and American cars that are in demand.

Many pasters independently modify the finished patterns - make edits to them if necessary. We want to attract such masters to work together. If you already have an understanding of how the material behaves on the body, on the corners and complex geometric elements, then we will be happy to see you in the ranks of the project participants. For you, we have made a manual and a brand book with technical standards. This will allow you to make patterns that are understandable to other masters and applicable to the work of masters of all levels.

For beginners in the field of car pasting and the production of patterns, we do a separate training. You will start with the basics, understand the behavior of the material, learn how to make turns, cuts in the tension zones, according to the requirements and logic.
The tool that will be required for the production of patterns:
  • wide paper tape,
  • pencils,
  • knife,
  • scanner,
  • graphical program like CorelDRAW
To check the patterns, you will need:
  • computer,
  • plotter,
  • vinyl film or PPF.

For the convenience of ordering and monitoring the timing and quality of production patterns, we have made a spreadsheet in which you will see a list of all the cars that need patterns. Here you can take an order, upload the finished work. Each completed and verified order will be paid for by us, so the production of patterns can become an additional source of income for you.

If you have patterns drawn by you and tested on cars, we are ready to buy them from you or exchange them for those that are interesting to you.

Contact us to learn more information, get a brand book, sign up for training.
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