What material should I use for interior wrapping

What material should I use for interior wrapping
Stek film is well suited for pasting interior parts made of acrylic glass, which can become cloudy when interacting with car chemicals. Also, Stek will protect plastic parts from the impact of abrasive particles. In favor of the protective material of this brand, it is worth making a choice for drivers who often travel on dirt roads, where a large amount of sand and dust rises into the air.

Optimal application conditions for SunTek film

The polyurethane material of the American brand was originally developed as a means of protecting painted surfaces from fading. Therefore, the film of this brand should be used by drivers who often leave the car in the sun for a long time. The SunTek protective material does not pass ultraviolet rays, preventing accelerated aging of polymers. Along the way, such a film will reliably protect the contact surfaces from the appearance of small scratches and oil contamination. The use of SunTek material will be effective when pasting plastic elements of the interior trim with both a glossy and a matte surface. The service life of such a film, provided that it is carefully operated, can reach 5 years.

When to use Hexis protective material

The film of the French brand is positioned as a protective film and is designed to protect the contact surfaces from mechanical damage under shock load. This film is better than its analogues to protect the rear-view mirror and parts made of silicate and acrylic glass from cracks. In addition, the Hexis Bodyfence material is very effective when pasting metallized coatings, protecting them from dents. Wooden interior trim elements such a film can reliably protect against the negative effects of moisture.

It is worth noting that the Hexis material has self-healing properties. Therefore, this film is well suited for pasting door handles, selector lever and other interior parts, which are often in contact with the driver and passengers.
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