Techniques for applying paint protection film in different countries

Techniques for applying paint protection film in different countries
Paint protection film: how is it applied in different countries?

Paint protection film is a kind of polyurethane armor for the car body, because pasting it over the car is often called "booking". It can be transparent, black, matte, shiny or colored, depending on what effect or design the car owner wanted to create. The functions of the PPF film are primarily protective, and only then aesthetic.

The difference between PPF film pasting in Russia and America

It is believed that America was the first to use protective film for cars, and later introduced this technology around the world. What is the difference between their pasting and the work of Russian masters? First of all, very often American pasting implies neglect of patterns for the bumper of a car. The film is applied to the entire car, and only then the unnecessary parts are cut off, which often leads to some irregularities. American craftsmen have recently become famous for not dismantling handles, mirrors, moldings and everything else. Naturally, this leads to the fact that a certain number of trips to the car wash will lead to peeling of the film, and then getting under it dust and other "amenities" that are on the surface of the road. The film looks peeled off and not dismantled as unattractive, as well as the prospect of its fragility.

As for the Russian masters, the situation here is much more pleasant, since they not only do not neglect the pattern for the bumper, but also use patterns for the car interior. Pasting with a prepared material that does not require pruning sounds much better than the prospect of cutting unnecessary material manually. Before the coating, a thorough washing of the machine is necessarily carried out, and after the pasting and dismantling of elements, such as handles, mirrors, moldings, by turning the protective film inside these parts. That is why the film on the car is almost invisible, and will not be peeled off even after hundreds of thorough washes.

Of course, it is quite possible to glue the car yourself, especially if you use ready-made patterns and carefully study the technology of their application.
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