How to cover a motorcycle with a film

How to cover a motorcycle with a film
This procedure is carried out according to ready-made patterns. You can buy patterns for both a car interior and a motorcycle from us.

Features of pasting

To protect the motorcycle body, a polyurethane or vinyl film is usually chosen.

Previously, most craftsmen manually made patterns for each part of the body. To do this, a film was applied to the part and the contour of the latter was outlined. The resulting drawing was transferred to a solid material, such as cardboard. This is how the template turned out. On its basis, the protective film was then cut.

Today, it is easier (and more effective) to use electronic templates. You can buy a template for the entire motorcycle, as well as for its separate part. For example, in the case of a car, we have a template for the bumper of a car, etc.
You need to specify the make, year of manufacture and other data of your motorcycle and choose the appropriate set of patterns. After payment, the drawing (template) will be sent to your email as a file with the CAD extension. This file must be sent to the program of the plotter machine, which will independently cut the protective film according to the drawing.

Now the finished films can be glued to the motorcycle. This operation is usually carried out in a" wet " way. First, you need to prepare the surface: clean it from dirt, degrease, etc. Next, treat the body with liquid soap. You can also use baby shampoo. This is necessary in order to be able to properly place the film on the surface of the part. Now you need to remove the protective layer from the film and apply the latter to the surface to be pasted. It is necessary to align the material until there are no unglued parts of the part or unused parts of the film. Then you need to level the material with a squeegee from the center to the edges.
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