What patterns should I choose: with or without a doorway

What patterns should I choose: with or without a doorway
Do I need to turn up the film when pasting according to patterns?

When choosing a film, it should be borne in mind that it is intended to protect the machine, and not to improve its appearance. The material can hide small defects, they will become almost invisible, but it will not cope with significant ones. Therefore, it is easiest to protect the body of a new car with a film in the most vulnerable places, this will preserve its appearance.

Where possible, the polyurethane film is glued with an allowance of 5-8 mm. It is applied to the part, while the edges are turned up and pressed down at the cut point, achieving a tight fit of the material. It is more difficult to paste over parts that are stamped so that they have very little space left along the edge on the reverse side. In this case, the film is cut out with a minimum allowance of 2-3 mm. This will be enough to tuck and glue the material.

Patterns without a turnout are chosen in the event that for gluing the film with allowances it is necessary to partially disassemble the body or disassemble the parts.

The motorist should understand that the film, pasted without allowances, can come off due to dust getting under its edge. Therefore, it is still better to cut the material with allowances, if possible. All patterns are made with high accuracy, thanks to the optimal layout, you can reduce material consumption.

You can buy electronic templates for trucks, motorcycles, and passenger cars from us. Also available is a template for the interior of a car for any model of vehicles. With its help, you can protect the structural elements of the car from wear and scratches, which will allow you to preserve their appearance for a long time.
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