What knives should I use for cutting film on a car

What knives should I use for cutting film on a car
Some types of film knives

Novice pasters use a classic knife, which is also called a stationery knife. It has a simple design - an elongated body and a retractable blade, as well as a special lock with which the blade is held in the desired position. The housing can be metal or metal-plastic. The former are more reliable and durable, the latter are more convenient to hold in your hands thanks to plastic inserts.

Another type of cutting tool is a snail knife. If, when using a standard knife, you can inadvertently damage the LCP, then the snail knife completely eliminates this risk. The design is made in such a way that the cutting part does not come into contact with the paintwork. The tool has a plastic case, and inside it there is a removable blade.

For cutting the film, you can also use a special cutting tape. It is a thread fixed on an adhesive substrate. On the pasted part, you need to place the thread along the contour of the cut, and place the vinyl or polyurethane film itself on top of it. In this case, the tip of the thread should go beyond the edges of the film. After laying the film, the thread can be taken by the protruding end and gently pulled up along the contour of the cut.

Is it necessary to need a knife

Manual cutting of the film for pasting cars does not always give an accurate result - for example, the material may not completely cover the part, or, conversely, the piece may be too large. Therefore, it is better to use another method - pasting the body according to ready-made electronic patterns. There is no need for a knife at all, since nothing needs to be cut. It is enough to buy electronic patterns for the bumper of a car (as well as for other parts or for the body completely) and send the template to the plotter machine. The latter will perform the cutting of the material according to the drawing. The finished film can already be glued to the part.
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