How to avoid mistakes when pasting cars

How to avoid mistakes when pasting cars
What to avoid when working

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is inaccuracy in calculations. This is especially often the case when using homemade patterns that incorrectly take into account all the bends of the body. As a result, the film is overspent, which leads to unjustified financial costs, as well as to the fact that some part of the machine will remain unprotected.

Another common mistake is poor surface preparation. The protective film has a high level of adhesion, but it will not be possible to reliably fix it on a dirty body. To avoid this problem, you should thoroughly clean and wash the surface of the car, as well as degrease it. Otherwise, the film will last much less, as it will begin to peel off quickly.

Inexperienced people often try to glue the film immediately on the body. This deprives them of the opportunity to correct her situation. Gluing the film leads to a deterioration in the quality of its sticky layer, as well as to the appearance of cloudy spots on the surface. You can avoid the problem if you apply a weak soap solution to the cleaned and fat-free body in advance. Thanks to this, it will be possible to freely adjust the position of the film until the optimal position is found.

A fairly common mistake for beginners is the use of unsuitable tools. For example, some people expel soap solution and air bubbles from under the film with hard brushes, spatulas, etc. This only leads to damage to the protective coating. To avoid this, it is necessary to smooth the film with a special tool - a plastic squeegee. They only need to move from the center to the edges.

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