Pasting a car with film according to patterns: pros and cons

Pasting a car with film according to patterns: pros and cons
Pros and cons of applying a protective film according to patterns

Let's consider several positions for and against pasting in this way.
Visible benefits include:
  • The patterns serve as a stencil on which parts of the film are precisely cut out, suitable for different parts of the car. Thus, it is possible to achieve maximum surface coverage even in hard-to-reach or curved places.
  • Saving time. Since the stencils are a ready-made sample with calculated dimensions, you do not have to spend time measuring the parts of your machine.
  • Variety of forms. At the moment, sets of patterns have been developed for most car brands, different models and years of manufacture. So it will not be difficult to choose the optimal set for yourself in terms of price and number of stencils.
  • The possibility of ordering individual stencils. If you have not found the kit you need, you can always order your own patterns designed for your type of car from us.

However, there are positions against film pasting according to patterns:
  • Stencils are not designed for all existing brands of machines. You will also not be able to use "approximately suitable" patterns from another model in your opinion. Because this can lead to layering of joints, uneven edges, bends and sprains of the coating.
  • Pasting does not take place according to patterns, if you have experience in cutting out the film. In this case, you will save time and money on the consumption of material or the manufacture of individual stencils.

Choosing the technique of applying a protective film to the car, it is better to give preference to pasting by patterns for car bumper, bodywork, headlights and other parts. This will save time and optimize the work process.
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