Is it worth pasting a motorcycle with a protective film?

Is it worth pasting a motorcycle with a protective film?
Not only motorcycles, but also cars can be protected with a film. In our store there are not only templates for the protection of motorcycles, trucks, and car bodies, but also patterns for car salons. For those who drive a car very carefully, and are sure that the paintwork of his car does not need additional protection, we can offer patterns for car bumpers. The fact is that the bumper, even in conditions of a quiet city ride, is scratched, rubbed and gets minor mechanical damage.

Pasting a motorcycle with polyurethane anti-gravity film: advantages and disadvantages

The protective film protects the paintwork of the motorcycle from chips formed due to gravel, chemicals and damage caused by collisions with insects at high speed. Other "advantages" include tight fit, long service life (up to 10 years), resistance to sudden temperature changes, and the possibility of polishing (in exceptional cases). Among the disadvantages is the price of the procedure, which consists of the cost of the material itself and payment for the work on pasting the motorcycle. Practice shows that you should not try to glue a motorcycle with polyurethane film yourself. Without a certain skill and auxiliary equipment, it will be almost impossible to do this.

In order to reduce the cost of the procedure, it is possible to cover the motorcycle with a protective anti-gravel film not completely, but partially. First of all, it is necessary to protect those surfaces that are scratched when performing maneuvers and are rubbed from contact with the equipment of a motorcyclist. Of course, the protective anti-gravity film will not be able to protect the motorcycle from serious damage caused by accidents and falls, however, it will help to preserve its presentable appearance for a long time.
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