How to protect car doors from scratches from the inside

How to protect car doors from scratches from the inside
What is better to use to protect car doors?
It would seem that a simple protection option is varnish. It is easy to apply and it gives the surface a glossy sheen. However, such coverage is unreliable and short-lived. In addition, the varnish can damage the paint of doors and it is difficult to remove it.
It is better to choose a polyurethane film. It is thin, elastic and can be glued on its own, and if necessary, removed. Thanks to modern plotter programs, it is easy to cut a film for a specific car model. This ensures a tight fit to the surface without gaps and crevices.
For pasting doors, it is better to use polyurethane "armored" film. It is thin, resistant to mechanical damage and easy to remove, after which no traces remain. Plus the film - no effect on the paintwork.
A thin protective coating is used to protect the body and bumper from damage. The same film can be used for pasting doors. It will be inconspicuous, glossy and durable. Due to the transparency, the material will not change the color of the car interior.
The protective film is suitable for all cars: both economy class and business class. To glue the film, you need to degrease the surface. This can be done with alcohol — it is applied in a small amount with a sponge and wiped. If there is dirt on the door, then it is removed beforehand. Then it remains only to carefully paste the film and you can safely use the car. If air bubbles appear, then the sheet is slightly lifted and smoothed. Plus of the material: no unpleasant odors.
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