Creases on the film when pasting cars: causes and elimination

Creases on the film when pasting cars: causes and elimination
Possible defects after pasting the car with film
It is possible to paste over with vinyl film both the entire car and only those body elements on which there is the greatest probability of damage to the paintwork. It will not be possible to do such work qualitatively on your own. It is best to contact specialized workshops. There are already ready-made patterns for the bumper of a car or other elements that will be pasted over. If there are no such patterns for your car model, you can always buy them ready-made or in electronic form.
There are several reasons why creases, bubbles and other defects may appear on the film:
  • Extraneous inclusion. Before the start of such work, the car must be washed qualitatively, and the room in which the pasting is expected to be clean. If there are grains of sand or other inclusions under the film, then this not only spoils the appearance of the car. In these places, the film is quickly wiped and loses its protective functions.

  • Stretch marks. The film is glued tightly, otherwise it will not be able to stick to the part qualitatively. In order to avoid stretch marks and deformations, it is necessary to pull the film no more than 20% of its size. If the film is tightened, stretch marks appear on it, and if it is not stretched, folds form.

  • Bubbles. They can be of two types: water and air. Sometimes small bubbles may remain on the elements of a complex shape, inside of which there is a soap solution. When it dries, the bubble will disappear. If air seemed to be inside the formed capsule, then it will not disappear anywhere. If the defect is small and in a single number, then it is pierced with a thin needle and rolled with a squeegee. In the case of a large number of air bubbles, you will have to completely re-glue this element.

In order to assess the quality of pasting a car with vinyl film, it is necessary to conduct a careful inspection of it, do it in a well-lit room or in bright sunlight.
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