How to reduce material consumption when working with patterns

How to reduce material consumption when working with patterns
A film is used to protect your car from mechanical damage. It is glued on the body, doors, fenders, and other parts of the car. It is important to cut the film so that it adheres perfectly to the area. You can do this with the help of plotter cutting software. It helps to cut parts of any shape from the film.
It is advisable to use templates - ready-made templates designed in accordance with the features of the car of a particular make and model. This saves material. Parts are placed on the canvas so that there is no empty space. It is possible to cut out a whole set or individual parts. In both cases, the templates help to minimize waste.
Why use templates?
If you only want to cut some parts, the cutting program will put them together by itself. For example, you can choose to use templates for the car body and the interior. In this case it is possible to combine sets for different car models. Before you start the program shows the width of the film used - this allows you to understand the actual consumption of material. The program also shows exactly how much area is involved. If not enough, you can add parts for other machines.
It may seem that the presence of small empty sections of the film is not critical. However, if you constantly allow them to appear, the material will be used up quickly, and this will lead to unnecessary costs. Using templates allows you to see the savings after a short time. It's also easy to avoid mistakes.
So, patterns are adapted to the nuances of each model. For example, cars of the same brand can differ in type of bumpers or screen diagonal on the dashboard. You do not have to adjust the finished parts yourself. For example, removing excess film. Or worse: cut out the part all over again if it turns out to be small. Even a small indentation of 4-5 mm will look ugly. And the empty space will become a place of accumulation of dirt.
We can buy patterns for the interior of the car and others.
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