Before cutting

AUTOPATTERNS  software. Recommendations before cutting.

  1. First, look at the vehicle of your customer. If you do not have access to the vehicle request detailed photos from your customer. Compare pictures presented in the software with actual vehicle parts you are going to protect. Click on the picture in the left upper corner to open a more detailed image gallery.

  2. Secondly, check the vehicle configuration (trim) compare to the patterns in the software.
      •  Pay attention to the interior parts. Dashboards (1), Screens(2) and Door panels (3)! These parts could be differ even if interior visually identical and configurations looks the same.

  3. Third, check the parts you are going to cut. Look at all wrapped areas on the pattern and check whether they meet your expectations or not. Look at the vehicle that you have in your shop to see if there is a possibility to wrap the film.


    There can be no wrap at the area you expect. Our AUTOPATTERNS   team willing to make the best product on the market. If you have any questions or suggestions how to improve the quality of our patterns, please contact our customer service!



Parts you must pay attention before cutting.

- Front bumper could be different variants and have different: cutouts, different width (main film sizes 610 mm, 1220 mm, 1520 mm). Bumper can have different cutouts (Tow hook (1), parking sensors (2), turn signal indicators (3)) which may not be presented on the vehicle you have. Choose the right variant for you - all unnecessary cutouts can be removed before sending the part for cutting!

- Front bumper inserts could be different depends on the vehicle configuration and also may have different kind of cutouts. 

- Rear view mirrors may vary depending on the side of the car. Be careful when cutting the patterns. The mirrors may also have built-in all-around cameras in certain configurations.

- A-Pillar and part of the roof can significantly differ depending on the car's configuration. Sunroof or Moonroof - the two main differences that you need to pay attention. Not all types of A-pillars have wrapped areas, be careful when sending this parts to the plotter!

- Rocker Panels could be differ depends on the car configuration. Unfortunately, not all variations are presented in our pattern library. Please be careful when you decide to cut this pattern!

- Roof also have different configurations:
• Sunroof
• Sunroof + Roof Rails
• Roof without cutouts 
Also pay attention to the roof antenna cutout (1). In some cars configuration antenna could be missing! Pay attention to the wrapped areas on the roof edges. Some patterns are non-wrapped!

- Rear fenders may have cutouts for the nameplate (refer to the vehicle type or special edition symbol). It can also be removed from the pattern if it does not match the car you work with or if you used to remove the nameplates on the car body before wrapping the car.

- Doors have cutouts for handles that can also be removed from the pattern before sending to the plotter (for some installers it is much easer to make cutouts for door handles by hand). Attention to the wrapped areas, they may be missed on some edges of the doors.

- The trunk lid is a part that may not have wrapped areas because it is not always possible to wrap. You should pay attention to the inscriptions on the trunk lid and their correspondence. For the trunks which have long inscriptions indicating the brand or model we recommend to cut out trunk elements on the test film first!

- Rear light may be missing in full vehicle patterns set. PAY ATTENTION.

- Rear bumper must be checked with the car in your shop. There can be different cutouts and type of diffusers. Check if you have them on your vehicle.

If you are in doubt whether a part has wrapped areas (because it may not always be clearly visible on the pattern) please use the Ruler Tool - measure the reference points on the template and then measure the same points on the car body so you don't get the wrong dimensions!

If the part need wrapping area somewhere on the edge you can write to our support team attaching a photo and video of the specific part. We will look if it possible to make wrapped edges or not!

Example of a car full patterns set with some missing wrapped areas  – an example is to pay special attention to the places indicated by the sign:

 - No wrap

- Wrap


Be careful! 

Pay attention to the patterns edges,  wrapped areas could be missing!


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